How are you different than Geek Squad or enterprise service providers such as Unisys?

Big Box retailers and other quick-fix services attempt to fix your computer by hiring staff that lacks any formal training or certification in the industry. Troubleshoot only hires qualified and certified engineers. Our engineers have valuable real-world experience in the corporate environment. We have 30+ years of combined experience in the industry and stay on the leading edge of technological advances.

Troubleshoot is also local and specializes in small and medium-sized businesses in the Bay Area only. Companies like Unisys are designed to handle corporations with hundreds or thousands of computers. Working with a company this large means it will be difficult to get ongoing personalized service. It is very unlikely you will have the same technician visit your office twice. Troubleshoot prides ourselves on having great customer service, developing personal relationships with our clients. We learn firsthand how you use your computers for your specific business needs.

What questions should one ask to hire the right IT professional?

First it’s important to determine the skill level of the person who will be working on your system. Ask them how many years they have been doing this type of work and what their certification(s) are and if the cert is up-to-date. Ask them if they enjoy working in this industry and who their favorite computer vendors are. Get a feel for their passion. Work with an individual who has the ability to respond to your problem no later than one business day.

Get references and be sure to check them, check online reviews. You’ll find out how easy they are to work with and if they stand behind their work. Ask if they are willing to negotiate your billing rate once a job is complete if you’re not 100% satisfied with the work that was performed – ask this before any work begins. If your IT vendor can’t fix it there should be some negotiation for final cost all of course being within reason.

Where are you located?

Our engineers and technicians are based throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our administrative mailing address is in San Francisco. Our operations office headquarters is located in Oakland. Our engineers provide onsite service to businesses within 50 miles of downtown San Francisco each day. During a standard business week a minimum of two certified engineers are located in the city of San Francisco.

What do your services cost?

Compare pricing and you will quickly see how competitive we are. If you visit our Yelp page you may be able to take advantage of a discount on your initial hour of work. Our standard hourly rate is currently $135 per hour, this rate drops with a signed Priority Service Agreement. Please call us at 415-349-5010 to discuss what option would work best for you.

Some general advice from the owner, Sean Haley, MCSE

“Systems and networks are misdiagnosed all of the time. It’s easy for one to overlook the best way to isolate issues on a network or a particular system that is causing issues. Engineers must learn to simplify and use deductive reasoning. They must be able to rule out coincidences while diagnosing any network, server or workstation issue. Troubleshooters should use a standard and agreed upon checklist specific to the task at hand. These checklists should be updated on a regular basis as technology changes. Skills to troubleshoot computers eventually become second nature to the top Engineers. Though becoming complacent and not staying on top of continuously evolving technology is perhaps the biggest challenge facing IT staff today. Engineers must love what they do and be able to keep evolving and re-educating, re-inventing themselves to remain not only competitive, but effective. Call us today and see what a difference Troubleshoot can make by handling ongoing IT issues properly and reducing your overall costs. I’m confident that once you visit with us you will see IT with a fresh perspective.”

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