Troubleshoot has been acting as a supplement to our in house IT staff for just about a year now and we've been very happy with their work and have been gradually increasing their role. We brought them in when we weren't happy with the response times of another small business consulting firm we were using. They've given us very fair rates on a long term retainer agreement, and they are very flexible with our unique on site scheduling needs. They've been helpful in helping us augment our IT staff, and they've also been able to help address some key technical pain points with our systems. They always return calls, and are very easy to get a hold of and speak with, which was an issue we'd had with other consultants in the past.

M.C. - San Francisco, CA

Troubleshoot's staff have that very rare combination of being exceptionally well qualified computer professionals who are also very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend their services.

Doug Bend - San Francisco, CA

Professional, fast and knowledgeable. They worked on multiple computers for me, all the systems are noticeably faster. They also solved issues that other techs said were unrepairable.

Tim Carter - Oakland, CA

I cannot tell you how great a job Sean did with my 5+ year old Dell laptop that was almost at a standstill, it was so full of malware and other problems. I don't know how many hours he worked on it, but it is now running like it is almost new. Thanks so much Sean. I would highly recommend Sean and Troubleshoot to everyone.

Marcia P. - San Francisco, CA

Visits are prompt and cost effective. With multiple laptops and VPN connectivity to our New York office, they have always been available for remote and on site support at short notice.

Dalia Schwartz - San Francisco, CA