The Performance & Security Checklist®


In order to gain insight into what may be hampering your system, Troubleshoot has developed an exclusive 48-point checklist called the Performance and Security Checklist or PASC. The checklist contains a list of critical items that should be checked and updated on your system on a regular basis and in a particular order. We recommend that a PASC is performed on all servers and workstations with a quarterly proactive schedule.

Have a virus-infected system? Troubleshoot’s PASC has been successful with cleanup and data recovery on hundreds of virus-infected systems. Your AntiVirus software is only as good as its most recent update and the proven real world accuracy of the product. Our PASC includes automatic or scheduled download of updated AntiVirus software engines and Virus definitions. Your system should be getting scanned fully (at a minimum) each month with a deep level AntiVirus scan. If not, your system security may become compromised.

Troubleshoot will use the Performance and Security Checklist to discover and note items that could have a major impact on your business data, including the last successful backup of your data and expiration date for your system’s warranty. When is the last time you tested a restore of your backed up critical data? Let Troubleshoot ensure you’re fully covered and contact us to perform a backup and restore test of your systems data.

90/90 – 90% Success in 90 Minutes

With over a 90% success rate, the PASC is a powerful tool that turns sluggish systems back into secure and high-performing computers on average in about 90 minutes. The PASC can be performed remotely if your network connection has not been compromised. If you have lost internet connectivity, one of our engineers will arrive on-site at your location to run the Performance and Security Checklist locally. We will restore your internet connection at the same time. Let Troubleshoot ensure you’re fully covered and your systems are performing at their best – contact us today.


The Performance and Security Checklist Provides:

  • Malware, Spyware & Virus Removal with Updated and Confirmed Protection
  • Review of existing AntiVirus product and scheduled scanning strategy
  • System check for Memory Expansion, Operating System upgrades
  • Manual review and cleanup of temporary and unnecessary programs and files
  • Visual guide to current hard drive usage, BIOS checking (firmware) and updating
  • Microsoft Security Updates including driver updates for computer peripherals
  • Confirmation of system backup with optional test of data restore
  • Full Performance checklist – regularly leading to dramatic performance increase
  • All of this and more in about 90 minutes

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